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Creating a new world starts with you

"As a certified Social Worker and Human Rights activist, I have devoted the majority of my life to uphold and protect Human Rights. As a little girl, I wished for harmony for this planet and as I grew up, I developed a deep love for humanity, and a deep desire to build a better future for this world. This future includes peace, harmony, community, freedom, love, cooperation and justice. Building this future starts with each of us." -Kari

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About SJC

 SJC was created to address the current gap in Mental Health Services for people that have been the victim of human rights violations and exclusion from mainstream society since the onset of 2020.


Currently there is a lack of empathy and support from practitioners for those that have chosen to practice sovereignty over their bodies and lives. SJC was created to fill this gap. 

Are you suffering from what you feel is injustice or a violation of your rights? Have you lost your job, friends, career, and participation in mainstream society for practicing your sovereignty as protected in our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Have you suffered medical coercion or injury since the onset of 2020?

SJC offers affordable, accessible one-on-one and group support sessions by minimum donation, where we can discuss and brainstorm action focused solutions for your current situation. Services include mental health support, advocacy, letter writing, exemption support, job search assistance, community building support, linking to other resources in the community.


As many of us have been isolated from mainstream society, now is the time to come together. Sometimes we just need an ally in our lives that supports and cares for us. 

 SJC stands in solidarity with love, justice and human rights at the foundation of our work. 

Together we stand united, and we shall overcome life's challenges. 

*** If you are experiencing a Mental Health Crisis, please call your local helpline or emergency services**

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How Booking Works

Please choose one of the following time slots that best suites your needs. Ongoing advocacy and mental health support may require a few sessions depending on your situation. Once you have chosen a time slot, you will be emailed a waiver to sign.  Once we have received your waiver, you will be sent a link to join a Zoom video chat for your session with a Mental Health Practitioner.

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